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Raan Aci Thong Kek Weng, 2022
Oil, ink, spray paint, glue, emulsion, card & 24ct gold on canvas 

Commissioned by London School of Economics for the publication Spiritual Contestations – The Violence of Peace in South Sudan by Naomi Pendle 
which is being published in 2023.

Raan aci thong kek weng (‘A man is not equivalent to only one cow’). The title of the piece is an extract from an interview with an elder in Juba in December 2018, and is discussed in Chapter 8 of the book. For the artist, the lament captured the complexity of the situation. She used a mixed media, collaging and stitching approach to emphasize this and reference notions of a fragmentary “peace” reflecting her
interest in themes of rupture, repair and healing.

A Forest Too Far, 2022
Oil paint, spray paint,acrylic, inks, glue,laser print paper, mother of pearl & 24ct goldleaf on canvas 

In private collection.

Dust, 2021
Oil, spray paint& 24ct goldleaf on canvas 


The Earth Remains Forever, 2020
Oil, ink, spray paint, glue, emulsion
& 24ct gold on canvas 

In private collection.