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Bisi's Refrain, 2022


An ode to Praia and our being there. To teachers and the call-and-response impact of their work which echoes through time. To waves. To resonance and to amplitude. To howling winds. To hills and to valleys. To dipping tired toes in tired oceans. To all the things we carry with us and all the things we leave behind.

Following the 7th Asíkò Art School program held in Praia, Cape Verde, themed the Poetics of Place, Letaru Dralega (UG), Precious Mhone (MW, SA) and Rosie Olang’ Odhiambo (KE), formed the collective I continue to continue, and worked (and continue to) develop ConfluxRadio, a digital radio platform that becomes a meeting point and space of communion. Working theoretically with the concept of the wave form, ConfluxRadio creates an opportunity to be on the same wavelength and frequency as we consider the world(s) that Asíkò founder,  Bisi Silva created.

Leaving Montego Bay, 2021

The phrase Ost justi is from the sacred motet ost justi meditabitur sapientiam (The mouth of the righteous..) by Bruckner 1879

Footage from Jamaica 1901, the year Mama was born.

Sound:  layered vocals - a 3rd generation lamentation by me. 

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